Toy Fair pic of the Voltron Monsterpocalypse box back. Looks to be a sort of "basic set" with a smaller map, no buildings (any obstacles are built into the map), smaller forces and more focused on being easier to play for Voltron fans who come in from outside the minis gaming community.

I doubt it reflects a change in how regular Monsterpocalypse will be packaged, rather an alteration to pitch Voltron more as a traditional board game.
Voltron for Monsterpocalypse announced for summer release.

$50 for a complete game is a pretty good deal, especially compared to regular MonPoc sets. By comparison, two starter boxes (the minimum needed to let two people play) cost $50 together, and you only get four common buildings and each player has the same four common units. Presumably, the Voltron set will have more units (and will have units that are the same faction as the monsters!), although it might be deliberately building-light. I suspect Lo-Tor's forces will be Invaders Agenda, and Voltron Force is obviously going to be Protector Agenda, so you can have your G1 Strike Fighters support Voltron. ;)


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