Very little of what I posted to LiveJournal in recent years was posted ONLY to LiveJournal, so I'm not going to go through the process of running LJ_dump and uploading to here. But I figured I might as well un-expire my password here and see if I'd actually friended enough people back in 2011 to get a feed that's more than official announcements...apparently not.
Coherent Super Stories #27 - "Secret of the Silver Skull" featuring the Silver Skull: A fossil hunter in Egypt has found a silvery skull that looks like it might have belonged to a new species of dinosaur, but the more people study it, the more impossible the skull seems to be! Written for High Concept Challenge #19, but I goofed on the premise (which was supposed to involve a silver skull machine, not just a silver skull).
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( Apr. 9th, 2011 06:50 pm)
"Channel" was taken, unsurprisingly. My second design of Channel as a superhero.
He's on the same server as Peaceseeker, my TF:A Optimus Prime homage. )
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( Apr. 7th, 2011 05:17 pm)
Yeah, it doesn't look like the drawing in my icon. The drawing didn't have to actually transform. :)
I suppose I could have put the gold on the shins, but the forearm speakers looked wrong on the actual toy. )
No books of note. Only three books total. Whee. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Hey, there, big fella. My name's KING SHARK. I'm a SHARK." "Ah. Good choice for a NAME, then." - King Shark and (spoiler), Secret Six #32
Let's see if the DDoS lets up long enough for me to post this. :) After some prodding from friends, I went ahead and made a custom figure of Rodeo, using Applejack as a base. The sparkly costume effect I got with a True Navy base coat and a thin layer of turquoise glitter paint (couldn't find a darker blue glitter paint). I "styled" the hair by rubber banding it into place overnight and trimming it down, and protected it from paint with aluminum foil during the painting process.
Sparkly and peril-prone pony behind cut )
I've decided I really need to sit down and make a list of the people I know on City of Heroes that I know from other sources, now that my global friends list is a mix of pre-existing friends, people I've come to know in-game, and people who just send global requests to everyone they've had a decent pick-up session with. A few of y'all have the same LJ ID as global nickname, and a couple others I interact with often enough to have it fixed in mind by now, but there's still several whose play times diverge enough from mine that I might not even have you globally friended yet...or if I do, I have no idea which of the names on my list you are. :)

So, please either post your global here if you play City of Heroes/Villains, or email me at my gmail account (dvandom, natch) if you'd rather not post. Thanks.
Tales of the Intermezzo - Closing the Barn Door: Set some time after the end of TF: Animated season 3, an accident during a Decepticon assault on a Space Bridge laboratory has landed Channel and several other Cybertronians in a universe inimical to mechanical life!
Behind the cut is a short scene that would deal with most of the objections I raised to Sucker Punch in my blog post of last week. It doesn't deal with all of the problems the movie has, mind you, just the structural ones I brought up. :)
Some minor spoilers for the ending of the actual movie, obviously. )
ASH #112 - A Suit of Sables Part 3: The Steep And Thorny Way - Lady Sable's sinister purpose is revealed...she wants to become a god! And as far as ASH can tell, they have at most one day before it happens, at which point they may meet the fate that befell their predecessors at the hands of Lord Ebon!
So, this week I found out that Adam Warren is a big My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan as well, so I was inspired today to draw his character Empowered as a pony.

Rodeo is all about the ropin' and the ridin', but sometimes the ropin' gets to be a bit more than she'd like. Normally an "earth pony," in times of dire stress she grows wings and a VORRP-blasting unicorn horn.
Peril-prone pony behind cut )
Book of Note: Spider-Man #657 )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Tell me he doesn't actually believe that." "I'm not sure. He also puts fins on all of our deep space vehicles." "But in a vacuum they wouldn't do anything." "I know, but -- " - Spider-Man and Reed Richards, referring to Johnny Storm, The Amazing Spider-Man #657
Thanks to [ profile] scavgraphics for picking these up for me!
Books of Note: Atomic Robo Deadly Art of Science #3, Comic Book Comics #5 )

   Dave Van Domelen, "I think it may be time we had...a TALK." "WHAT talk?" "Robo, when a MANBOT loves a WOMAN..." "Stop, stop, stop, STOP!" - Nikola Tesla and Robo Tesla, Atomic Robo Deadly Art of Science #3 (of 5)
I'll put most of this behind a cut, because I expect to ramble on a bit. But the tl;dr version is this: they obviously started with an ambitious piece of storytelling involving layered metaphors, but at some point got bored and just started tossing in whatever seemed cool at the time. (Edit to add: In other words, it didn't start as a "turn your brain off" action movie, but at some point they stopped trying and it slid into that territory, while retaining enough traces of the "leave your brain on" movie to be unsatisfying to those seeking mindless action.)

There will be spoilers behind the cut.

And no, they never really explain the title in-story, although I'm sure a lot of reviewers will make some joke about the movie being a sucker punch in the viewer's face. )

Finally, since I expect some people reading this are on the borderline as to whether they'll enjoy the action sequences more than they'll be pissed off by the plot resolution, I'll say that the ending is one of "heroic sacrifice" rather than the "evil wins" ending that the movie felt like it had been heading for. So, if you don't mind that the framing sequence kind of falls apart and that layer one drags at times because the actors can't carry their weight, there's 35 minutes of cool action movie in there. And, hey, there's a lot of straightforward action movies that don't have 35 minutes of cool in them.
Two Iron Man figures, LSH #11 and Invincible #78. Slow week. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Despite all logic, my feelings for you short-lived, small-brained, foolish idiots are sufficient that I have chosen to spend my life among YOU, instead of on my own world where my intellect would be suitably HONORED...because you are truly my friends. Stop sniffling." - about as warm and fuzzy as Querl Dox gets.


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