ASH #80 - Timequake Part 2: Blitzkrieg! - You'd think that dealing with an understrength brigade of 1939 Nazi tanks wouldn't be too hard, but what if you're not allowed to just shoot them? And the threat isn't just from the past, a sword of damocles from the future is also hanging over Earth!
CSV #27 - Four to Never Lap 2: Time Bombs - Disaster has struck, and while the superteams of three nations work to evacuate the innocent, it's a race against time to find a solution before the entire world is destroyed!
Grind from Grand Moff Tarkin.

Triton (in ceremonial garb rather than full armor) from Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Spear head scratchbuilt from styrene pieces and putty.
"A proper gentleman's gentleman should be capable of being inobtrusive even while on fire."
Journey to the Lost City - The last time Juliana Silvestri did designs for a wedding, the wedding party ended up on Venus. Could Rex Umbrae's nuptuals have an even more spectacular blow-up? Only time will tell....

(Hey, I had to do SOMETHING while I was waiting for student schedules and stuff this week.)

Edit: Link fixed. Also, there are spoilers in the comments, so you probably wanna read the story before clicking through. :)
"Morning Star": Heraclius has come to Falcon Bay seeking the solution to his problems...but how do you solve a problem like Heraclius?


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