New Exarchs #15 - Execute Plan B!: At last, the much-anticipated (or at least, much-delayed) Sango Saga comes to a close!

ETA: Bonus art: Jamais Lokris )

Back when I was trying to reimagine my Legion of Net.Heroes characters through a Nobilis framework, I decided that Nigella damascena fit the bill as a symbol of corruption, a signature flower for Acton Lord. Now that I have a real N.damascena, it seems to be supporting my choice.... (FWIW, this is by far the most successful of my windowsill plants, ever.)
Tales of the Intermezzo - Plot Device: A crossover between Transformers: the Lost Years MUSH and the Legion of Net.Heroes. MUAHAHA!
From The Files of Doctor Stomper #7 - The Poverty Plot

The interaction of economics and Writers who love to interfere in worlds where they can tends to lead to financial situations that are flat-out impossible, or at least implausibly stupid....


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