No books of note. Only three books total. Whee. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Hey, there, big fella. My name's KING SHARK. I'm a SHARK." "Ah. Good choice for a NAME, then." - King Shark and (spoiler), Secret Six #32
Book of Note: Spider-Man #657 )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Tell me he doesn't actually believe that." "I'm not sure. He also puts fins on all of our deep space vehicles." "But in a vacuum they wouldn't do anything." "I know, but -- " - Spider-Man and Reed Richards, referring to Johnny Storm, The Amazing Spider-Man #657
Thanks to [ profile] scavgraphics for picking these up for me!
Books of Note: Atomic Robo Deadly Art of Science #3, Comic Book Comics #5 )

   Dave Van Domelen, "I think it may be time we had...a TALK." "WHAT talk?" "Robo, when a MANBOT loves a WOMAN..." "Stop, stop, stop, STOP!" - Nikola Tesla and Robo Tesla, Atomic Robo Deadly Art of Science #3 (of 5)
Two Iron Man figures, LSH #11 and Invincible #78. Slow week. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Despite all logic, my feelings for you short-lived, small-brained, foolish idiots are sufficient that I have chosen to spend my life among YOU, instead of on my own world where my intellect would be suitably HONORED...because you are truly my friends. Stop sniffling." - about as warm and fuzzy as Querl Dox gets.
Book of Note: X-Factor #217. Lots more missing books. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Um...I think you have us confused with somebody else. You've got THOR and IRON MAN out there. Living LEGENDS. We're not even in any of the CARTOONS." "REPTIL is. Pfft...I need a new agent." - Mettle and Striker, Avengers Avademy #11
No books of note, no Awards, no end quote, no real enthusiasm. )

   Dave Van Domelen, suspects he won't have to give up on comics, Diamond will simply stop shipping anything he wants to read.
No books of note. No Comic Book Comics #5 either. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "It's part Purgatory and part outlet mall. But there are no bargains here." - Black Alice, Secret Six #31
Includes a bunch of late Antarctic Press books bought online )

   Dave Van Domelen, "But, hey! Now 'robot' isn't the WEIRDEST part of our relationship!" "You're not helping." - Robo and Helen, Atomic Robo the Deadly Art of Science #4 (of 5)
No books of note. Review also includes Ghost Rider Transformer. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "You -- you're a monster. A cannibal!" "PTUH! What? Doesn't count. We didn't ssswallow." - Yusef Kassim and Venom, the Amazing Spider-Man #654.1
Book of Note: Love and Capes Ever After. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Don't look like that. I can't be the first person to have put their parents in an alternate universe and made them faint." - Zodon, PS238 #48
Books of Note: Agatha H. and the Airship City, the Amazing Spider-Man #653 )

   Dave Van Domelen, "An attack by costumed lunatics. NOW this place officially feels like the Daily Bugle..." - Robbie Robertson, the Amazing Spider-Man #653
Book of Note: Optical Allusions )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Okay, okay, you don't have to be so MARY SUE about it." - Sersi to Amadeus Cho, Chaos War #5 (of 5) (Hey, if there's an Eternal who reads fanfic, it's...well, Sprite. But Sersi's a close second.)
No books of note, but I have some comments on the Green Hornet movie. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Parker-Sense...tingling." - Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man #652
Best of 2010! A bit late this time, as I was waiting for some books from earlier in the year to be mailed to me by [ profile] scavgraphics, whose store Diamond isn't trying to kill. Yet.
Books of note: Iron Man: Titanium, Evolution: the Story of Life on Earth )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Sorry, big guy, I only got two hands. He will be missed. By everything but the pavement. HA HA HA" - Hobgoblin, the Amazing Spider-Man #651
Book of note: Ant-Man and Wasp #3 )

   Dave Van Domelen, "A.I.M. is the home of people like us. Hyper-intelligent outcasts with an overriding desire to save the world from the clutches of monkeys whose solution to problems is hitting them with a stick." - Monica Rappaccini, Ant-Man and Wasp #3 (of 3)

   Bonus Quote: "I've developed one hundred and fifty-seven methods of keeping you here long enough to hear my offer." - Monica Rappaccini, ibid, demonstrating a dedication to the art of trapping rarely seen outside of Scooby Doo.
No books of note, not many books at all )

   Dave Van Domelen, not a particularly quoteable week, although I was amused by the gigantic computer in THUNDER Agents that was nonetheless easily tipped over to become a fatal threat.
Book of Note: Atomic Robo: Deadly Art of Science #2 )

   Dave Van Domelen, "C'MON. I've done SOME adventuring. Fought a monster from outer space a while back." "What?" "And wrestled with vampire monsters from another UNIVERSE just this afternoon!" "Yeah, saying things like that is going to make me want to trust you with firearms." - Atomic Robo and Jack Tarot
Book of Note: Gold Digger X-Mas Special #4 )

   Dave Van Domelen, "D-did I just get saved by LADY GAGA?" - Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man #650
No books of note, but no new missing books, at least. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Iron Man! We need to be IRRITATING!" "Really? Too bad Nova isn't here." - Sue Storm and Iron Man, Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #9


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