Behind the cut is a short scene that would deal with most of the objections I raised to Sucker Punch in my blog post of last week. It doesn't deal with all of the problems the movie has, mind you, just the structural ones I brought up. :)

(After the bus drives off into the sunset, fade to a grandmotherly woman surrounded by kids in a comfortable living room. Either Sweet Pea's actress in age makeup, or a 70-something actress who looks vaguely like her. One of the kids isn't paying too much attention, and one of the modern soundtrack songs can be barely heard from his or her earphones.)

CHILD 1: Is that how it REALLY happened, Grandma Sweet Pea?

CHILD 2: No way...dragons? Robots? Come on!

SWEET PEA: (smiles slyly) Well, you got me. A lot of those things didn't really happen. But it sure felt like they did....

(Pan over her shoulder and to a photo on the mantlepiece of middle-aged Sweet Pea and a somewhat dazed looking middle-aged Baby Doll, sitting in a park with an orderly hovering just out of reach. Fade to black.)
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