With the machine currently hosting dvandom.com toasty, I'm looking into getting the files moved to my me.com account. Unfortunately, it remains just as infuriatingly hard to use (for my screw-the-WYSIWIG-editor purposes) as it was five years ago.

Edit: It took 3 hours, but I finally got things to work more or less right. Now I just have to wait for the upload of the dvandom.com files and for DNS to propagate.

Why is it so hard to do things the simple way? Sigh.
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( Feb. 18th, 2009 08:53 pm)
The SANE-project.com back end got things working for me. Image Capture will scan, but it's a bit limited. Graphic Converter will also scan, although it's a touch slow. For now, that will do, however.
Well, my CanoScan N650U's operating software requires Classic, which is no longer supported under OSX.5, so I need to find another way to operate it. When I first went to OSX, I tried ScanExpert on someone's recommendation, but I didn't really like it. I have pretty simple needs: scan either color or grayscale, tweak brightness and contrast, crop and resize, save as JPG. In other words, something any program should be able to do, so the key is not having them buried among a bazillion other options (which was one of ScanExpert's problems). Canon itself stopped making its own CanoScan Toolbox available, instead giving a plugin to Photoshop.

Anyone got recommendations? And if I do end up having to buy Photoshop, what's the cheapest version that will let me operate the scanner? (And will GIMP run a scanner?)
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( Feb. 17th, 2009 07:00 pm)
Still fiddling around with the desktop landscape. The monitor is a few inches higher than I'm used to because the stand isn't as adjustable as the iLamp's, so I'm putting most of my high-use windows along the bottom of the screen so I don't hurt my neck looking up.

Classic is no longer supported, so I'll have to find a new scanner program. Got drivers, but the nice CanoScan Toolbox I've used for ages is not supported in OSX. (CanoScan N650U)
ETA: Photo of Guiron. )
Inspired by the fact my wireless router is named Monster Island, and the aluminum keyboard of the new iMac, I'm thinking of naming it Guiron.
Today I hit the computer store in the student union and poked at their Mac display. Yes, I want a new Mac to replace my 6 year old iLamp.
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One of our research projects could use a good piece of software that could track activity about as well as a web server, a sort of benign spyware.

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( Oct. 7th, 2008 11:42 am)
I went to the campus computer store to check out the new Macs (my 6 year old iLamp is starting to get arthritic), and they have recertified 24" iMacs (2GB RAM, 280GHz, 250GB HD, IIRC) for $1399, the same price as the new 20" iMacs (roughly the same specs, but only 266GHz). They'll no doubt all be sold before my CDs mature, and even at "only" $1399 (plus tax and some software I'd want to add) that'd pretty much wipe my savings. So I get to wait.

OTOH, the salesman made a fairly good pitch for Google Docs, so I should give that another look soon.
The Cloudbook. Same basic size, cost and weight as the EEE. Uses a traditional hard drive, though, so it has 30G instead of 4G...but loses the benefits of the solid-state drive (durability, less power requirements for drive access). Still, competition is good....
Chinese seek to buy Seagate. Ooookay, as if I hadn't been warned off enough already....


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