I decided to leave out any details about the job interview itself, since it struck me as a touch unprofessional, but it's not like I had a lot of time on Friday for taking notes. So this is largely my adventures in DFW Airport. :) Keep in mind, these were taken on an iPod, and many entries while walking. I'm leaving it as stream-of-consciousness for the most part, minimal edits.
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For those who can't see locked posts, I spent the past several days visiting family in the Green Bay area, and blogged extensively about it. Since "scan public posts to see who'll be out of town" robbery has been catching on lately, I locked all of those posts while I was gone, but now I'm unlocking them. Last day blog and links to the other days behind cut.
Good toy run on the way back from the airport, too. )
Frontier Air lost my luggage. They don't even track bags with those barcodes they stick on...yay value for my $20. My comic shop has better inventory control. More travelblogue later.


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