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( Apr. 9th, 2011 06:50 pm)
"Channel" was taken, unsurprisingly. My second design of Channel as a superhero.
He's on the same server as Peaceseeker, my TF:A Optimus Prime homage. )
Tales of the Intermezzo - Closing the Barn Door: Set some time after the end of TF: Animated season 3, an accident during a Decepticon assault on a Space Bridge laboratory has landed Channel and several other Cybertronians in a universe inimical to mechanical life!
Grimstone and Steamhammer both Recommended. Grimstone is a sort of balance of really good and so-so elements, while Steamhammer is fairly consistently good.
GIVE ME YOUR FACE! Or not, really. The Fallen's toy is still pretty bad, even with the new removable face.
I got a spare Energon Tow-Line from a friend years ago, and I set it aside with the intent of someday turning it into the A-Team van. Someday came this week. :) I did initially try it with the dark gray upper of the canonical GMC Vandura, but I decided it looked better black. Unfortunately, some of the area ended up getting lumpy as I corrected stuff, and even buffing back down to the bare plastic didn't fix it. So I arranged the camera angles so as to hide the paint defects...but when the light hits it just right, it looks wrinkled or something. :( The original clear weapon was broken (part of why I got it in trade), but he can carry around Jungle Ironhide's weapons (not shown).

Robot Mode )Battle Platform )Vehicle Mode )
I've done a scratchbuild, a Robot Heroes, a Classics transforming one, an Attacktix and a TF:A keychain chibi, so I suppose a pony is inevitable. I tried using dye first, but it mottled around the glued spots and then soaked through the gray paint (many many layers of it, in fact, and I'll probably need to retouch the gray again later).
Various cute views. )
Robot Heroes Channel approves. )
Stakeout is pretty bad, Crankcase is pretty good. Fortunately, I got Stakeout for $10 on Black Friday (well, Saturday), so I don't feel particularly ripped off.
A couple of redecos/remolds I picked up for a friend and reviewed before packing up. I might buy myself an Axor if I see it for $10 or less, but I'm gonna pass on Rescue Ratchet (nothing terribly wrong with it, just getting tired of red and white redecos of movie Ratchet).
I got a $1 knockoff pony, dyed it black and then ended up painting almost all of it anyway (the dye didn't take in the rainbow hair, so I combed in some ink).
No comparison picture, my Mach Kick is in a sealed box back in a corner of a closet. )


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