New Exarchs #15 - Execute Plan B!: At last, the much-anticipated (or at least, much-delayed) Sango Saga comes to a close!

ETA: Bonus art: Jamais Lokris )
New Exarchs #14 - Squirrelled Traveler

Who is Jamais Lokris? What does she want with Hans? Will the rest of the Exarchs be up for anything intelligent after partying with the Suedes? Will Dave get himself a squirrel-based LJ icon at some point?
New Exarchs #13 - What Hiatus? - Featuring the return of Agent Brubaker of I'm With The Government!
New Exarchs #12 - "Waiting for Gouda": Meanwhile, back in 000SUPERGUY, Hans Zwarghoff faces two adorable children. He's SO doomed.
New Exarchs #11 - Getting Squirrelly: The fate (or at least current disposition) of Paul Oakthorn is revealed! More squirrels! Lots of exposition! And a Weird Al reference!
New Exarchs #10 - "Clay Pigeons": A one-off gag starts to take over the book, while the Exarchs find themselves on the dreaded Clay Flats of Sango. All this, and yet another squirrel faction!

(Now back to reading my comics stack...finished writing this just before having to run off to teach this morning, been busy since.)
"Cheeezed Off": Finally, the Exarchs head off for 000SUPERDRY! But they may not get very far, if Sung the Stainless has his way!
New Exarchs #8 - "Quantity Surveying": Action-packed consumer survey administration! But first, previews of coming attractions....
New Exarchs #7 - "A New Month": Yay, the calendar advances! And it's time for the Exarchs to decide if they want to be proactive or reactive...but the decision might be taken out of their hands!
Ganked from [ profile] redneckgaijin.

1) Choose a few of your own characters (before looking at the questions).
2) Have them answer the questions.
3) If you decide to propagate this, feel free to change the questions.
Kat from Exarchs, Derek Radner, Channel (Transformer) )
"Storage (Blood)shed": It's still October 28, 2007, and it's time for a fight scene AND a guest star!
"Tea and Exposition": A bit of flashback to catch up with the squirrels, and then a bunch of exposition. Well, it has to go somewhere, right? The exposition, that is, not the squirrels. The squirrels don't have to go anywhere, although just try and stop 'em from going wherever they want. I swear....
First Looks: Thunderbolts Breaking Point, Penance, Captain America, She-Hulk; Books of Note: Avengers the Initiative #7, Kimmie66, Atomic Robo, From The Desk of Septina Nash - Yeah, good week. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Automobiles have been the best melee weapons against giant monsters since the '50s. It's science FACT." - Atomic Robo
"Something Smells Here": The flashback ends, but there's even more foreshadowing, and one of the main antagonists stands revealed!
"Literary Devices": A little foreshadowing, a lot of flashbacks, and the revelation that KSU has a Mad English Department! Well, that last bit isn't too important to the plot, but people might be interested in knowing about it.
"Cheeezballs!": As the remnants of the Exarchs track down clues to the mysterious death of one of their own, a new threat emerges!
New Exarchs #1 - La Cosa Nostalgia: Restarting my Superguy series after a three year hiatus, in the wake of all the other de-hiatusing going on with Superguy. Rather than try to keep forcing the plot that stalled me, though, I follow [ profile] demiurgent's lead and restart. ;)


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