Grimstone and Steamhammer both Recommended. Grimstone is a sort of balance of really good and so-so elements, while Steamhammer is fairly consistently good.
GIVE ME YOUR FACE! Or not, really. The Fallen's toy is still pretty bad, even with the new removable face.
Stakeout is pretty bad, Crankcase is pretty good. Fortunately, I got Stakeout for $10 on Black Friday (well, Saturday), so I don't feel particularly ripped off.
A couple of redecos/remolds I picked up for a friend and reviewed before packing up. I might buy myself an Axor if I see it for $10 or less, but I'm gonna pass on Rescue Ratchet (nothing terribly wrong with it, just getting tired of red and white redecos of movie Ratchet).


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