A while back, I got a spare FAB Arcee for $5 with an eye towards dyeing it. But it wouldn't take dye at room temperature, so I set it aside and largely forgot about it. But then I realized the other day that my new double boiler system might let me do the job safely, and it worked. Most of the pink plastic is painted over gloss black anyway, but the black dye base A) reduces the number of coats needed to look good and B) means no bright pink seams where I have to leave things unpainted for mechanical reasons. I know Nightbird isn't black, having done a few kitbashes of the ninja in the past, but this is Movieverse Nightbird. :)
A whole lotta pics behind cut. )
dvandom: (kiryu)
( May. 1st, 2010 01:31 am)
Shiny robokitty. Nice, but if you didn't already order it I doubt you'll find it at any kind of reasonable price.
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( Mar. 30th, 2010 06:04 pm)
The plan was to just get a new white Starter-brand "Dri-Star" cap (my previous one is getting a little nasty-looking despite washing) and sew the NEST Global Alliance patch that came with the Bumblebee/Soundwave two-pack onto it. But this year's version of the Dri-Star caps has a much larger Starter logo embroidered into the front, and it's too big for the NEST patch to cover. And it's stitched through the whole way, so I couldn't just rip a few stitches and remove a patch. So out came the Dremel, I found that the sander head worked best (after trying the wire brush and cutter wheel first), sending fuzz all over the place and stripping out stitches at a high rate. Once I'd cleared enough of the original embroidery off, THEN I could sew the NEST patch on. I figure that counts as kitbashing as much as anything else. :)
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The more I think about it, the more I'm certain that Legends Autobot Wheelie was designed at least in part with Micromaster Mudslinger in mind. Not just the "blue monster truck" thing, but also the fact that the shoulders/front wheels only have the outer halves turning in both cases.
Creepy semi-bayformered Micromaster behind cut )
All Recommended, although Skystalker would have been Strongly Recommended if not for the spring-feet.
Recommended. Almost identical to the Japanese version (added indicia, and Long Haul's paint is slightly different).


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