Let's see if the DDoS lets up long enough for me to post this. :) After some prodding from friends, I went ahead and made a custom figure of Rodeo, using Applejack as a base. The sparkly costume effect I got with a True Navy base coat and a thin layer of turquoise glitter paint (couldn't find a darker blue glitter paint). I "styled" the hair by rubber banding it into place overnight and trimming it down, and protected it from paint with aluminum foil during the painting process.
Sparkly and peril-prone pony behind cut )
So, this week I found out that Adam Warren is a big My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan as well, so I was inspired today to draw his character Empowered as a pony.

Rodeo is all about the ropin' and the ridin', but sometimes the ropin' gets to be a bit more than she'd like. Normally an "earth pony," in times of dire stress she grows wings and a VORRP-blasting unicorn horn.
Peril-prone pony behind cut )
A simple tail-replacement and repaint of a spare $1 McD's Celestia figure. :)

Her reign was short and chaotic, but at least the mail got delivered on time.... )

Sara Bellum + Bella Sera + My Little Pony = this. :)
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( Dec. 25th, 2010 09:51 pm)
Yes, I know the semi-canonical name of Derpy Pony is Ditzy Doo, but I wanted to skirt the whole trademark thing a little farther out. Ponies are Equus Ferus, hence the last name. ;)
Derp! )
I've done a scratchbuild, a Robot Heroes, a Classics transforming one, an Attacktix and a TF:A keychain chibi, so I suppose a pony is inevitable. I tried using dye first, but it mottled around the glued spots and then soaked through the gray paint (many many layers of it, in fact, and I'll probably need to retouch the gray again later).
Various cute views. )
Robot Heroes Channel approves. )
I got a $1 knockoff pony, dyed it black and then ended up painting almost all of it anyway (the dye didn't take in the rainbow hair, so I combed in some ink).
No comparison picture, my Mach Kick is in a sealed box back in a corner of a closet. )
This time, Transformers Animated's Megatron gets the pony treatment.
Peace through tyranny...and cuteness. )
ETA: New icon!
A $2.80 Pinkie Pie (pre-current-series) My Little Pony "Ponyville" figure modded into a twisted version of Transformers Animated's Bumblebee. :)
The AllSpark is Magic? )
And here's a preview of Megatron, from StarSong!
Chibi Megatron is annoyed by this turn of events. )
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( Nov. 21st, 2010 11:55 am)
Mach Kick is a courier from the Beast Wars Neo series. This is what happens when he ends up in the wrong reality....
The horror, the horror! )


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