I actually had this idea last year, but only a couple days before Halloween, not enough time to actually do a decent job. So I put together the materials over the next few weeks, then set them aside to work on closer to the next Halloween. Well, it's closer, and I put it all together tonight. Behold, I am (a) Monster Island!
Well, okay, it's a helmet with an island built on it. Not a full costume. )
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( Jul. 26th, 2010 07:27 pm)
Reshaped the wings a bit more, added putty bits, glued some parts together. It's pretty much ready to start painting now.
Decided not to give her arm spikes )
Yes, more four-armed insect girls. :)

She's a wasp girl, but as the name suggests, not a WASP girl. )

Now to go clean off all the plastic shavings in my hair and clothing.

ETA: Almost done, but decided I needed to do something about the belly scutes. )
The Problem With Branding - A Just So Story. I was feeling a little too loopy this morning to concentrate on serious work-related stuff, so I wrote a loopy little fic while I waited for my head to clear. :)
Context: we just errata'ed an ability that was making the Fire Kami a bit too powerful, so that it can no longer do an auto-kill on an injured monster. (It can still auto-kill units.)

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( Apr. 25th, 2010 03:50 pm)
This one's a bit more in earnest, rather than the simple mucking about of my other recent metallic Monsterpocalypse units.
Hard to get autofocus on shiny things. )
Toy Fair pic of the Voltron Monsterpocalypse box back. Looks to be a sort of "basic set" with a smaller map, no buildings (any obstacles are built into the map), smaller forces and more focused on being easier to play for Voltron fans who come in from outside the minis gaming community.

I doubt it reflects a change in how regular Monsterpocalypse will be packaged, rather an alteration to pitch Voltron more as a traditional board game.


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