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( Jul. 26th, 2010 07:27 pm)
Reshaped the wings a bit more, added putty bits, glued some parts together. It's pretty much ready to start painting now.
Decided not to give her arm spikes )
Yes, more four-armed insect girls. :)

She's a wasp girl, but as the name suggests, not a WASP girl. )

Now to go clean off all the plastic shavings in my hair and clothing.

ETA: Almost done, but decided I needed to do something about the belly scutes. )
I don't have a second costume slot for her yet, so this is sitting in a save file for later. :) The organic armor tail is very Terrasaur.
Tried bioluminescent, but meh. )

ETA: Oh, here's a tweak on Carnivore X, also with the new tail.
Picked claws that go with the Thorny Organic Armor gloves, too )


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