Added a heaping spoonful of ground flaxseed (about 12g worth) to my couscous today. The color's darker, and the result is a bit more gooey (not that it mattered once I dropped in the cheese), but the taste and texture of the final result still meet my approval. :) Hopefully the extra fiber will help with blood sugar and with feeling full longer. Will edit once I've checked glucose.

Edit: Eh, no help on glucose. OTOH, my numbers have been high today because of the cold, too.
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( Jan. 1st, 2008 12:47 pm)
[ profile] dhw has a recent post about cookies made with almond flour, which got me intrigued. Very low carb, since it uses ground nuts instead of wheat. But I don't much care for almonds, so I went looking and found they do make peanut flour (including de-fatted varieties). It's expensive, about $6-7 a pound the places I checked, but I might consider looking into it. After all, my favorite kind of cookie is peanut butter....
Today's the last day I write down and graph my weight, at least until/unless it starts changing again. It's been plateau'ed for over a month, but I figured I'd round out the 365 days before stopping. :)

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( Nov. 6th, 2007 03:56 pm)
Just got back from the Diabetes Center (where they're very pleased with my progress in general, but warned me that I might want to cut back on the chromium supplements now), and my body fat as measured on their scale is 14.7%, down from a high of 29.4% a year ago. And I'm within 10 lbs of the "ideal range" established during my visits a year ago, so pretty happy there.
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( Oct. 16th, 2007 05:40 pm)
My A1C level is 5.4 from today's measure, up a little from last time (5.1) but still considered healthy. My doctor says I can try going off Actos entirely. Of course, I get this news an hour after picking up my latest re-up on the prescription, oops. (Mind you, I have a rebate coupon, so overall it only costs me about six bucks, and it keeps for a year in case my levels start to go back up.) No word on the results of the cholesterol test I submitted blood for this morning, it might take longer to run.
On October 13th 2006, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Since then, I've lost a lot of weight, gotten my blood sugar under control, and had to replace pretty much my entire wardrobe. :) Still taking some meds, but no more insulin.
No, not employment-related. This morning, I actually looked at the tag of the shirt I was about to put on, and found that despite being sold on an XL hanger, it was merely Large. And I've been wearing it with no problems for a couple of months. So, it looks like I'm really down to Large, at least in some styles (I have another shirt that definitely is XL, and is almost too short to tuck in, so I guess I'll have to actually try on Large shirts before buying them).
Time for another look at my units of measurement. Last post about this was December 8, the number in parentheses is the change since then.

Weight: 225.5 lbs (-7 lbs)
Chest: 44"-48" (-1" on both)
Belly: 43"-49" (-1" on both)
Beltline: 37" (unchanged)
Hips: 39" (unchanged)

I'm not keeping track of height, since I HOPE that wouldn't be changing. :) Nor am I measuring my arms...I may have started doing some dumbbell work, but that's for tone, not bulk. Oh, and I did check the other day...I can now wear 2XL shirts without showing off an equator of belly when I lift my arms.


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