Tales of the Intermezzo - Closing the Barn Door: Set some time after the end of TF: Animated season 3, an accident during a Decepticon assault on a Space Bridge laboratory has landed Channel and several other Cybertronians in a universe inimical to mechanical life!
"Night Call": A year before Sam Witwicky's world exploded, a young woman's world got turned upside down by a mysterious caller.
Youth Is Wasted On The Young - Set in Transformers: Animated, shortly before the Autobots woke up at the bottom of Lake Erie.
Jimmy Nishimura gets a visit from "family". I've gotten involved in an online Scion game, and rather than just write a dry background, I decided to do his "Visitation" as a fic. :) And yes, art will likely follow at some point.
Tales of the Intermezzo - Cleanup - Featuring Ironworks and Greasepit in the Animated universe!
Tales of the Intermezzo - "Reject Moonbase" - When Megatron left Cybertron in Shockwave's care, there were a lot of holes in the chain of command that needed "temporary" filling, and Shockwave's the sort of thorough character who'd ensure all the holes were plugged. This is the take of one of the smaller holes, and the Decepticon who fell into it and was lost....
Tales of the Intermezzo - Plot Device: A crossover between Transformers: the Lost Years MUSH and the Legion of Net.Heroes. MUAHAHA!
Cathartic fanfic starring Signal Lancer.
Tales of the Intermezzo - Small Parts: A bit player from the 2007 Transformers movie does some publicity work. Contains some small spoilers. And yes, I did write this right after getting home from the movie (I had the rough idea plotted out this morning, though).
Tales of the Intermezzo - Scars

Set in the 2007 movie continuity, featuring Ironhide. Part of a collaboration AllSpark challenge, I'm seeking someone willing to draw a piece based on the story, but if no one bites I have an idea or two of my own.
Manual test, I may build it into an automated poll eventually, but probably not. :) Just something I whipped together during my office hour this morning, then tweaked while dinner was cooking.

I put in a link rather than pasting the whole thing behind a cut because I may change it a few more times.

Edit: Which I have done. I added an archetype (Noble Defender), renamed a few of the existing ones, and did some stats.


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