Let's see if the DDoS lets up long enough for me to post this. :) After some prodding from friends, I went ahead and made a custom figure of Rodeo, using Applejack as a base. The sparkly costume effect I got with a True Navy base coat and a thin layer of turquoise glitter paint (couldn't find a darker blue glitter paint). I "styled" the hair by rubber banding it into place overnight and trimming it down, and protected it from paint with aluminum foil during the painting process.
Sparkly and peril-prone pony behind cut )
So, this week I found out that Adam Warren is a big My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan as well, so I was inspired today to draw his character Empowered as a pony.

Rodeo is all about the ropin' and the ridin', but sometimes the ropin' gets to be a bit more than she'd like. Normally an "earth pony," in times of dire stress she grows wings and a VORRP-blasting unicorn horn.
Peril-prone pony behind cut )
Books of Note: Shadowland: Power Man #2, Empowered vol 6 )

   Dave Van Domelen, "You making fun of the way I TALK, Maidboy?" "No, this is the way I ALWAYS talk." "*I* sound like this because my VOCAL CORDS are decomposing." "CONGRATULATIONS." "So what's YOUR excuse?" "Extreme BADASSEDNESS, pretty much." - Hardkore and Maid Man, Empowered vol 6
Includes Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog )
   Dave Van Domelen, "It's not enough to bash in heads, you've got to bash in minds!" - Captain Hammer
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( Oct. 8th, 2009 04:39 pm)
UC Davis gets grant to develop a solid forensics basis for comparison of duct tape tears. The idea being that a tear in duct tape (used, say, to bind up a hapless superchica) is as identifiable as fingerprints or ballistics markings. So better start using scissors....
Book of Note: Empowered vol 2; First Looks: Nova, New Avengers/Transformers, New Warriors, X-Factor, Fantastic Four )

   Dave Van Domelen, "But for HER, the contradictory self-perceptions of HOTNESS and NON-hotness can CO-EXIST as superpositioned quantum states of HOTNESS INDETERMINACY...which COLLAPSE into a single state of either hotness or NON-hotness when you try to compliment her BUTT." - Thugboy, Empowered vol 2, and MAJOR props for using "indeterminacy" instead of "uncertanity". Heinieberg's Indeterminacy Principle, man.


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