Well, I've unpacked my new refurb EEE PC 900 XP (ETA: Dunno why I initially thought it was 801) and done some basic setup. Not sure it's gonna displace my 700, even with the bigger memory and larger screen. Oh, and I named it MOGUERA, since the Heisei version was a refurbed set of MechaGodzilla remains last I heard.
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( Sep. 20th, 2008 08:15 pm)
This morning, I installed a bunch of updates to my EEE (something I thought I'd been doing all along, but I guess all I'd been doing was downloading packages without installing them). Running into a few changes...including the absence of GMail from the menus, and the fact that my SD card is now apparently read as the D: drive. Trying to go to the card itself yields a blank directory.

Edit: Checking the EEEuser.com forums shows that the GMail issue came up back in May. I tried a few of the suggested fixes (short of going all F9 on my machine) but they didn't work. Ehn. Just bookmarked GMail in Firefox. And I managed to delete the false entry for the SD card in file manager, the D: drive thing is no better or worse, just different.
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( Apr. 10th, 2008 08:56 am)
A couple odd behaviors have come to my attention in recent days.

1) ctrl-Q doesn't always send correctly (I edit in emacs a lot) over internet. But it works just often enough that I doubt it's a terminal setting.

2) Plugging it in doesn't start recharging the battery unless the battery is down to 80% or less. At 90%, plugging in doesn't cause the battery to draw power.
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( Apr. 3rd, 2008 08:50 pm)
Something that took me a while to realize, because I usually leave all my computers muted...the EEE doesn't make any annoying sounds on startup or shutdown. Refreshing to not need to deal with a chime or musical sting.
Office tour video. (Take 4) I tried pausing so I could move from spot to spot without blur, but it turns out that hitting pause only pauses the video part...it keeps recording sound over a frozen image. Oops. And then something got gummed up so that "stop" didn't actually stop things until it had finished processing (so it was a Zeno's Footrace between processing old footage and filming new), and I ended up with 10 minute long videos mostly of the wall.
Turns out there isn't a simple ctrl-alt-whatever keystroke trick to make the screen go to sleep, but I got the following code from the EEEuser forum to make it so that when you shut the EEE it just turns off the screen without going into standby (thereby preserving any network connections, but letting you save at least some battery life if you have stretches of dead time).
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I'll have to give it a try when I get home, I decided not to bring the EEE along to work today because I'm gonna go see 10,000 BC right after work and don't want to leave it in the cold car all afternoon.
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( Mar. 4th, 2008 07:02 pm)
I took notes at Heckler's talk using my EEE, and by a few minutes in I was going for stretches with "no looking at the computer" touch typing, so it looks like I can adapt to the keyboard. :) I wouldn't want to try using it for all my notetaking, though, because sometimes I have to sketch diagrams and stuff that I can't do quickly in Open Office. Not to mention I rarely sit near an outlet, and an hour-long talk ate about a third of more of the battery strength.

A couple other salient points. OO on the EEE defaults to saving as a Word document (the version of OO we installed on our tablet PCs in the labs default to saving in OO format). And 16 point font is the minimum I can use and not have to lean forward to see what I'm typing.

I saved the file to my SD card, and then used Thunderbird and my gmail account to send a copy to my work account so I can clean it up tomorrow and maybe add a few diagrams while I still remember them.
11 seconds of EEE webcam footage. The microphone's pickup is a bit muffled, I might look into borrowing a mic from work before I make more of these for Marah (and Anne).
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( Mar. 3rd, 2008 04:05 pm)
Well, plugging my gen1 Shuffle into a USB port results in the music manager automatically launching, it doesn't even bother asking. It won't automatically play from the iPod as far as I can tell, I have to drag and drop each "playlist" (Music Manager sees each artist as a separate playlist, I couldn't grab just Playlist and drag it over), but it plays fine once the list is generated, without having to copy the music over. Not that there's a huge advantage to this, although it lets you charge the iPod at least, also giving you so-so speakers if you want.

In other semi-related news (as in, pocketbook-related), I'm going to have to drop $700 to replace my car's tires pretty soon. They're at 5/32" tread depth now, which is not yet at the "replace now" level of 2/32", they're kinda borderline for low profile tires in wet conditions. I decided not to do it today, probably gonna do it next month once I'm sure how my finances have rebounded from buying the EEE.

Edit: Oh, and my Shuffle fits nicely in the Digilegend bag between the charger and the wallet full of memory sticks/cards.

Edit 2: Doing the "click, shift-click" trick to select all elements of the playlist and drag them over as a block works fine. Also, you have to right-click to remove something from your playlist, there doesn't seem to be a menu option for it, nor do backspace or delete remove things. Finally, it can take a while for the EEE to recognize my Shuffle.

Edit 3: Yay, my travel charger arrived in the mail today! As it's bulkier than the charger that came with the EEE, it's going to be my "leave at home" charger. And I now have a collection of weird international plug adaptors I'm unlikely ever to use. ;)
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( Mar. 2nd, 2008 11:27 pm)
Finally got around to seeing if I could play music off a jump drive with my EEE.

1) It didn't automatically add the song on the stick ("Still Alive") to the music playlist, although there might be something I did wrong. Still, it's not autoplay.

2) Sounded a bit tinny on the built-in speakers, but that's kinda to be expected.

3) My Shuffle is at work, but next time both devices are in the same place I'll try plugging it into the EEE and see if it'll play off the iPod.
I decided to stick my lessons learned from last night into a single file. It's probably simpler than I make it out to be, I just don't understand enough programming to know which steps can be winnowed out without breaking things.
There was much oohing and aahing. And I think I made Asus a few sales. ;)

Also, I think I just decided on a name for the EEE. Kiryu. A cute little machine dragon. Meerp! Or should that be Meeerp? ;)

Edit: EEE stress test video. It's in French, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Edit 2: After some fussing and fighting, I managed to get this image set up as a wallpaper.
nEEEping behind cut in case some of you are getting bored. )

If I have more observations tonight, I'll just edit them into this one.
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( Feb. 17th, 2008 01:27 pm)
Typing this at the comic shop on their network. Took a couple tries to get connected, not sure if it's me or them, though. I put the 128 bit key onto a sticky, though (the software kind), cut and paste is pretty much mandatory for that sort of thing. :)

I've found two small problems today that I hadn't noticed before. One, when my index fingertip is too dry, the touchpad has trouble recognizing it. Of course, I have that thumb trackball, so not a huge problem. Two, ctrl-space seems to be bound to a system thing, which makes erasing big blocks of text in emacs harder. Will have to look into rebinding that.

Edit: EEEUser Forum helped me with the second one. It's bound to SCIM, which doesn't look to be something I need to use (it makes it easier to switch to non-English keyboard layouts), so I followed instruction on the EEE Wiki to "remove" it (really just takes it off the "turn on at startup" list).
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( Feb. 15th, 2008 07:41 pm)
Just to see if it'd do anything, I loaded a .prc of a Baen e-book (Mobibook format) onto a thumbdrive, plugged it in, and tried opening it. And it worked. The EEE's book reader just grabbed it and opened it with no fuss. It won't keep my place while it's on the jumpdrive, though, and I can't seem to get it to add to the library. Still, it's a start. And I will note that the reader will rotate the screen so you can hold it like a regular book.

Edit: Weird, copying files just uses "select icon, hit copy, move to desired directory, hit paste". And aha, adding the book to the library ran into a snag because the window ran off the bottom of the screen and the "okay" button was invisible.
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( Feb. 15th, 2008 04:30 pm)
Someone in my building has an unsecured wireless connection. :) Posting this from my EEE in my kitchen. Still getting used to the small keyboard, and I don't like the "tap to click" touchpad, so I'm getting used to the thumb trackball I got. I think my main keyboard problems are the spacebar (shallow enough I don't always hit it) and backspace (I overshoot it and hit delete).


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