With her Server Wrench! )
ETA: Teamed with Software Pirate! )
ETA: Got her to level 10 the hard way tonight. Went for the Flight pool despite SW being a "natural"...guess all those dips in contaminated water and hanging around weird rays has "naturally" given her the power of flight!
dvandom: (ORLY?)
( May. 4th, 2009 04:54 pm)
Files tend to corrupt... )
ETA: Thanks to embracing the inherent corruption of AE farming, I got him to L24 in a couple of hours. :) And then I did the cape mission and got a little closer to the kind of cape I want:
Still not a one-connection cape, but better. )
There's been the RoboMACs version, the ASH version, and now the City of Villains version, modeled on my rough concept of how the ASH version would have looked during the TechnoMystic Wars. He's a Robotics/Forcefield Mastermind with Mystic origin.
Magic is green! )


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