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( Jun. 30th, 2010 07:45 pm)
Short for Electrical Power Plant Project 6.
Yes, it's a pun. )
I don't have a second costume slot for her yet, so this is sitting in a save file for later. :) The organic armor tail is very Terrasaur.
Tried bioluminescent, but meh. )

ETA: Oh, here's a tweak on Carnivore X, also with the new tail.
Picked claws that go with the Thorny Organic Armor gloves, too )
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( Jan. 26th, 2010 10:21 pm)
Felt like putting a villain on Justice, and a mention of Per Degaton caused me to think I could do Per Annum (my parody of him from an old Dvandom Force story) as a Mercenaries Mastermind.
Moriarty, hand me your shoe, I want to read the paper. )
My City of Heroes/Villains roster page. With 44 entries, I decided it was time to take an evening and rearrange things to be a little more navigable, spinning each server off onto a separate page.
The "hero disguise" costume let me get a little closer, although there wasn't a color pattern to make the arm spikes red without making the hands red too, and I can't have a tattered mini-cape until L20.
Not sure I'll play him up that high. )
ETA: Got Kopikat's second costume slot and made her something approximating her Nobilis/Exalted-style outfit from Exarchs: A Season in Crimson.
Too bad there's no marble pattern available. Vines doesn't cut it. )
The Widow powersets don't really appeal to me, but I was in the mood to fiddle with the costume options and I noticed that I could approximate some of the look and feel of Spider-Man 2099...so I made this character to use it, and to at least have a "mule" villain on Freedom in case any of my friends wanted help transferring stuff.
Does whatever a Widow can.... )


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