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( Apr. 9th, 2011 06:50 pm)
"Channel" was taken, unsurprisingly. My second design of Channel as a superhero.
He's on the same server as Peaceseeker, my TF:A Optimus Prime homage. )
I've decided I really need to sit down and make a list of the people I know on City of Heroes that I know from other sources, now that my global friends list is a mix of pre-existing friends, people I've come to know in-game, and people who just send global requests to everyone they've had a decent pick-up session with. A few of y'all have the same LJ ID as global nickname, and a couple others I interact with often enough to have it fixed in mind by now, but there's still several whose play times diverge enough from mine that I might not even have you globally friended yet...or if I do, I have no idea which of the names on my list you are. :)

So, please either post your global here if you play City of Heroes/Villains, or email me at my gmail account (dvandom, natch) if you'd rather not post. Thanks.
Finally got around to taking one of K-Type's (my sole level 50 on Triumph) costume slots and using the romanesque armor pieces he earned a few weeks ago:
Kaiju-fighting cyborg...with bronze add-ons. )
And then I managed to get Carnot-vore (my second-highest level character on Triumph) up to level 35 and kitted him out for Vanguard. I'll try to get him a roman outfit later.
Primary colors, plus fire and ice! )
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( Jan. 16th, 2011 07:12 pm)
Well, all of my older characters are above L14, so it's "okay" to make a new one. :) And with supergroup kinda collapsing tonight due to RL issues, I figured it was a good time to get a new one going.
Angsty amethyst woman behind cut )
The other day I tweaked a couple of Pala-Dyne's costumes to finally update them with the new metallic skin and some Going Rogue pieces. And tonight I finally got him into and through an Imperious Task Force, so I could replace his old half-assed Cimeroran outfit with a proper one.
Here's the new costumes )
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( Dec. 25th, 2010 09:51 pm)
Yes, I know the semi-canonical name of Derpy Pony is Ditzy Doo, but I wanted to skirt the whole trademark thing a little farther out. Ponies are Equus Ferus, hence the last name. ;)
Derp! )
Finally went through an Imperious Task Force successfully with my oldest City of Heroes character. Cleared out the costume slot I'd been using for her "classic" costume to make room for this one (after saving the classic costume to file).
Also used a half-cape because I have them now. )
ETA: Got Artemis A through the ITF too. )
Blast Bannion is a 1930s rocket jockey from a secret project, who fell into a wormhole and landed in the distant future of 2010, crashing near Praetoria. Your basic Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon/etc character. He was mutated by the wormhole, taking on the blue skintone common to "regular" mutants in Paragon City. I picked the Electrical Control powerset for him because it makes a buzzing sound like old Flash Gordon spaceships.
In full gear )
With jacket and cowl removed )
Started a new Praetorian character, the psionic Clockwork Mindfire.EXE, tonight for a reduced Supergroup run (we didn't want to get the existing group-based Praetorians out of synch). And afterwards, I wrapped up Jen Kleinvogel's run in Praetoria and brought her to Paragon City, where she got a second costume based on the ASH character's look during an exile in ancient China.
Mindfire.EXE just wants daddy Neuron's attention, so she's acting out. )
In ancient China, Jen went by the moniker Golden Swan. )
Took a little more time after leveling and grabbed all the badges I could in Praetoria (other than River Rat...once is enough on that), then came to Paragon City and got a new costume.
Resistance member sticking it to The Man... )
Finally went and applied the Cyborg pieces and did some other tweaking on the four active costumes for Peaceseeker. I'll see if I can salvage Ratchet if I ever get this guy to L40.
Four of the Omega Supreme crew behind cut. )
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( Jun. 28th, 2010 08:14 am)
Last night, I decided I needed a blaster for supergroup nights on Pinnacle, and since I haven't tried Psychic Attack yet I went with that. Also decided to use a bunch of the Bioluminescent costume pieces to make an ugly mutant.
The name was a natural once I decided to go for Ice secondary. )

ETA: here's how the biolum looks at night. )


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