Coherent Super Stories #27 - "Secret of the Silver Skull" featuring the Silver Skull: A fossil hunter in Egypt has found a silvery skull that looks like it might have belonged to a new species of dinosaur, but the more people study it, the more impossible the skull seems to be! Written for High Concept Challenge #19, but I goofed on the premise (which was supposed to involve a silver skull machine, not just a silver skull).
ASH #112 - A Suit of Sables Part 3: The Steep And Thorny Way - Lady Sable's sinister purpose is revealed...she wants to become a god! And as far as ASH can tell, they have at most one day before it happens, at which point they may meet the fate that befell their predecessors at the hands of Lord Ebon!
Coherent Super Stories #26 - "Pitch Reel" featuring Brighthorn: The Department of Super-Human Affairs makes a lot of money from licensing the likenesses of registered superheroes, but we don't often get to see the nuts and bolts of this. And that's probably for the best. Written for High Concept Challenge #18.
ASH #111 - A Suit of Sables Part 2: The Memory Be Green - Lady Sable continues to engage in activities both obvious and obscure, for purposes no doubt sinister. Meanwhile, Justice learns the history behind his magic axe and the lineage of Rechtigkeit!

Happy ASH Ones-day!
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( Mar. 8th, 2011 11:24 pm)
Apparently, a bill moving through the Michigan statehouse would let the governor declare a community to be in financial crisis, dissolve any or all elements of local government, and put administrators of his own choice (including corporate ones) in charge of "fixing" the community.

So...when does Doctor Developer get to put in a bid on Detroit? (Edit for more context: In the ASH setting, after the disaster of 1998, Doctor Developer managed to get the contract for rebuilding Detroit, giving him full administrative control of the city. He then used various science-mangling methods to ensure that no one would rescind the "temporary" contract later on.)
ASH #110 - A Suit of Sables Part 1: Passing Through Nature - TerraStar would appreciate it if the diplomats would get around to honoring the deal made with her during Rising Sun and give her body back, but they're not too keen on the idea. The thing is, she's not the only one with plans for that body, and a mysterious "Lady Sable" might be manipulating events from the shadows...literally!
Coherent Super Stories #25 - "The Sod Men" featuring White Hat: In the early 1980s, it was mistakenly thought that the White Hat had passed into the public domain, and a British publisher created a short-lived weekly featuring comics and text pieces about him, pseudonymously written by Bart Stone. Fandom rumor has it that Alan Moore wrote at least some of these stories, and could this tale of prairie zombies be one of them?
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( Dec. 28th, 2010 03:03 pm)
Sonnet Null - A teaser to the "A Suit of Sables" arc in ASH, written for High Concept Challenge #16.
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( Dec. 14th, 2010 11:41 pm)
Corps of Discovery #1 - Tesla Boys!: Beacon! Gauntlet! Jack Ripley! And...Jim Smiley? Who's that German guy with the weird accent? And what will they make of an ancient Viking radio transmitter? Written by [ profile] ununnilium.
A behind the scenes look at divinity in the ASH Universe. Not a rosterbook, but rather an examination of what defines a god, or what makes one a demon.
Catman: Minor Arcana #4 - Swords: July 1998, the Godmarket has crashed...and where does that leave Edouard and Isabel? In the middle of trouble, that's where!
Catman: Minor Arcana #3 - Cups: 1998. The Godmarket is in full swing, and with ASH more powerful than ever, Edouard decides to take a sabbatical to help a mysterious cat-woman try to figure out where she came from...but is he ready to deal with the truth about cats and gods?
Catman: Minor Arcana #2 - Staves: In 1993, Devastator has come up with another plan to destroy humanity. Half of ASH is captive on his mobile base, and only Catman is free to oppose him!
Catman: Minor Arcana #1 - Coins: In 1989 of another world, where the United World Empire imposes Pax Britannia on the entire planet, two Moreaus seek to save their kind from the consequences of a new invention...but it doesn't go that well. Written for RACCoWriMo 2010.
Edouard the Catman is a descendant of Dr. Moreau's creations in a world where Victorian mad scientists were just a little more sensible and rather than immediately self-destructing they managed to secure England's superiority well into the 20th Century. Uplifted animals were the new slave race, and Edouard was part of the slave resistance. But then the world was destroyed in 1989 by an experiment with interdimensional engines, and Ed got hurled into the ASH universe. (The original Champions version was a direct ripoff of Oedi from the Dreadstar comic, in addition to tweaking the name I've changed the cat breed.)
Meer. )
Academy of Super-Heroes #109 - The Office Part 3: TGIF - With one of their own lost to the bureaucracy of the Office, ASH must regroup and figure out how to rescue him before he's lost forever!
Coherent Super Stories #24 - "Rebirth Part 4" featuring Warendja: Part of the 1988 relaunch of Coherent Comics, will the animal totem powers of Warendja be enough to let him save "Babs" from a dark mage? Written for High Concept Challenge #14.
Started a new Praetorian character, the psionic Clockwork Mindfire.EXE, tonight for a reduced Supergroup run (we didn't want to get the existing group-based Praetorians out of synch). And afterwards, I wrapped up Jen Kleinvogel's run in Praetoria and brought her to Paragon City, where she got a second costume based on the ASH character's look during an exile in ancient China.
Mindfire.EXE just wants daddy Neuron's attention, so she's acting out. )
In ancient China, Jen went by the moniker Golden Swan. )
A guide to how elemental planes work in ASH. This is the piece that inspired me to coin "Explosition" the other day.
After a three month hiatus, the main ASH title is back!

Academy of Super-Heroes #108 - The Office Part 2: Hump Day - It's Wednesday, and time to slog back into the office...or The Office, in this case. But is there a lot of unpaid overtime in their future?


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