I started these earlier in the week, but didn't quite get them done before it was time to head out for Arkansas.
Tony Stark, Power Ranger! )
I decided to leave out any details about the job interview itself, since it struck me as a touch unprofessional, but it's not like I had a lot of time on Friday for taking notes. So this is largely my adventures in DFW Airport. :) Keep in mind, these were taken on an iPod, and many entries while walking. I'm leaving it as stream-of-consciousness for the most part, minimal edits.
Read more... )
Book of Note: X-Factor #217. Lots more missing books. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Um...I think you have us confused with somebody else. You've got THOR and IRON MAN out there. Living LEGENDS. We're not even in any of the CARTOONS." "REPTIL is. Pfft...I need a new agent." - Mettle and Striker, Avengers Avademy #11
Coherent Super Stories #26 - "Pitch Reel" featuring Brighthorn: The Department of Super-Human Affairs makes a lot of money from licensing the likenesses of registered superheroes, but we don't often get to see the nuts and bolts of this. And that's probably for the best. Written for High Concept Challenge #18.
No books of note, no Awards, no end quote, no real enthusiasm. )

   Dave Van Domelen, suspects he won't have to give up on comics, Diamond will simply stop shipping anything he wants to read.
ASH #111 - A Suit of Sables Part 2: The Memory Be Green - Lady Sable continues to engage in activities both obvious and obscure, for purposes no doubt sinister. Meanwhile, Justice learns the history behind his magic axe and the lineage of Rechtigkeit!

Happy ASH Ones-day!
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( Mar. 8th, 2011 11:24 pm)
Apparently, a bill moving through the Michigan statehouse would let the governor declare a community to be in financial crisis, dissolve any or all elements of local government, and put administrators of his own choice (including corporate ones) in charge of "fixing" the community.

So...when does Doctor Developer get to put in a bid on Detroit? (Edit for more context: In the ASH setting, after the disaster of 1998, Doctor Developer managed to get the contract for rebuilding Detroit, giving him full administrative control of the city. He then used various science-mangling methods to ensure that no one would rescind the "temporary" contract later on.)
Finally got around to taking one of K-Type's (my sole level 50 on Triumph) costume slots and using the romanesque armor pieces he earned a few weeks ago:
Kaiju-fighting cyborg...with bronze add-ons. )
And then I managed to get Carnot-vore (my second-highest level character on Triumph) up to level 35 and kitted him out for Vanguard. I'll try to get him a roman outfit later.
Primary colors, plus fire and ice! )
No books of note. No Comic Book Comics #5 either. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "It's part Purgatory and part outlet mall. But there are no bargains here." - Black Alice, Secret Six #31
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( Mar. 1st, 2011 06:14 pm)
Because it can't all be ponies and Transformers. Sometimes it's kitties and Halo.
Is Badtz Maru part of the Covenant? )
Includes a bunch of late Antarctic Press books bought online )

   Dave Van Domelen, "But, hey! Now 'robot' isn't the WEIRDEST part of our relationship!" "You're not helping." - Robo and Helen, Atomic Robo the Deadly Art of Science #4 (of 5)
ASH #110 - A Suit of Sables Part 1: Passing Through Nature - TerraStar would appreciate it if the diplomats would get around to honoring the deal made with her during Rising Sun and give her body back, but they're not too keen on the idea. The thing is, she's not the only one with plans for that body, and a mysterious "Lady Sable" might be manipulating events from the shadows...literally!
The quote (attributed variously to numerous people) goes something like this. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts. But there's a middle ground: you're also entitled to your weighting of the facts. If the facts support multiple interpretations, you can choose to favor one set over another.
Wisconsin example behind cut. )
TL;DR version: both sides in the Wisconsin workers' situation have facts on their side, just arranged differently. But the governor could easily tip the balance against himself if he keeps pushing the matter.
No books of note. Review also includes Ghost Rider Transformer. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "You -- you're a monster. A cannibal!" "PTUH! What? Doesn't count. We didn't ssswallow." - Yusef Kassim and Venom, the Amazing Spider-Man #654.1
My brother's getting into town around dinner time tomorrow, so unless I get a really small number of comics I won't be done with them before heading out to meet up with him. So, Thursday some time, probably.
Note the books on the top two rows, notably the upper right, and then the contents of the bottom two rows:
Bookstore endcap picture behind cut )
Book of Note: Love and Capes Ever After. )

   Dave Van Domelen, "Don't look like that. I can't be the first person to have put their parents in an alternate universe and made them faint." - Zodon, PS238 #48


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