I've decided I really need to sit down and make a list of the people I know on City of Heroes that I know from other sources, now that my global friends list is a mix of pre-existing friends, people I've come to know in-game, and people who just send global requests to everyone they've had a decent pick-up session with. A few of y'all have the same LJ ID as global nickname, and a couple others I interact with often enough to have it fixed in mind by now, but there's still several whose play times diverge enough from mine that I might not even have you globally friended yet...or if I do, I have no idea which of the names on my list you are. :)

So, please either post your global here if you play City of Heroes/Villains, or email me at my gmail account (dvandom, natch) if you'd rather not post. Thanks.

From: [identity profile] ebony14.livejournal.com

Ebony is my global handle pretty much anywhere that I can get away with it, CoH included.

From: [identity profile] amigoid.livejournal.com


@? Forgot the third account

Anyway, please email me if you would like to play sometime.

I'm mainly on Freedom, but I have alts sprinkled just about everywhere.

Can't play tonight... Just bought the Tron DVD with the toy lightcycle. Whee!
My oldest son has not seen it yet so its movie night.

From: [identity profile] foomf.livejournal.com

My global is Foomf. If it's still there when they finally bring back the chat servers.

(Not since I13 has a new issue resulted in this drastic a glitch in the comm system)

From: [identity profile] dvandom.livejournal.com

Ooog. That bad? Haven't been on yet. And yeah, you're one of those "same global as LJ handle" people I was talking about. (And Amigoid was one of the "often enough to remember" people.)

From: [identity profile] zqadams.livejournal.com

I'm still @Cliff Hanger, though I've been logging in maybe once a month. Maybe I20 will bring me back...even though I don't RP anymore I should really get my old mains Incarnated. :)

From: [identity profile] spacenut3737.livejournal.com

You know me, and I finally went ahead and friended you.


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