So, this week I found out that Adam Warren is a big My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan as well, so I was inspired today to draw his character Empowered as a pony.

Rodeo is all about the ropin' and the ridin', but sometimes the ropin' gets to be a bit more than she'd like. Normally an "earth pony," in times of dire stress she grows wings and a VORRP-blasting unicorn horn.

Drawn in Sharpies and Prismacolors, with gel pen for the white stars and highlights. I decided to avoid the tattered costume look. Don't wanna be That Kind Of Brony. I did, however, make Rodeo's rump bigger than the usual pony model.

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I don't want to know who she has in that alien tech bridle sitting on her coffee table.

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It's a Parallax retcon. Luna was possessed by Nightmare Moon, who was driven out by the Elements of Harmony. Through a sequence of events to mortifying to repeat, NM ended up in the bridle.


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